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Nabeel JabbourDr. Nabeel Jabbour comes from Lebanon and lived with his family in Egypt with The Navigators for fifteen years before coming to Colorado in January 1991. Since 1997 he and his family have been US citizens.

Although he comes from a Christian background, as he studied for a doctorate in Islamics he learned to stand in the shoes of Muslims and to see the world through their eyes. In April 2011 he was appointed by the International Leadership of The Navigators as an Ambassador at Large.

He is an adjunct professor and teaches intensive courses on a regular basis on "Islam and Current Events" at three seminaries in the United States and one seminary in Canada. He is a lecturer in churches and at missions conferences. 

He has authored three books in Arabic, and four in English: Unshackled and Growing, Muslims and Christians on The Journey to Freedom, The Rumbling Volcano on Islamic Fundamentalism and The Unseen Reality on Spiritual Warfare. His latest book is The Crescent Through the Eyes of The Cross on the Muslims' worldview. see books

The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross
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My Purpose

God has taken me over an incredible journey. I feel like He has designed me to do what I am doing these days. My childhood years in Syria, the many years in Lebanon, the fifteen great years in Egypt, and the years in the States since 1991 are all part of His program for my life.

I am grateful to God that I have had the opportunity to learn to stand in the shoes of Muslims and to see Islam through their eyes. I am also grateful to God that I have learned to interpret Islam to Christians in America and in the West. more

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Paul Ramseyer interviews Nabeel Jabbour on his perspective on the great commission and 9/11 see video
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“I am pleased to recommend The Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross by Nabeel Jabbour. By stepping into the shoes of Muslims and looking through their eyes, Nabeel helps Christians understand them in these troubled days, love them as God does, and express their witness more relevantly.” -- Dr. Dudley Woodberry, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Awesome, excellent, well written, clear ... WOW, what a gift! It is a must read.” -- Christian leader

"I am really enjoying and benefiting from your book [The Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross]. It is always a deeper process when you're actually working with the words, and I am grateful for some consciousness-raising (mind-blowing) experiences I'm having.

"It is a very powerful message, and I can't stop talking to my friends about it. I'm very excited about this project, and feel it is the most important book I've worked on in a long time." DS -- NavPress editor

Muslims and Christians on the Journey to Freedom
Like Mahatma Gandhi, are you attracted to Christ but not to Christianity? Would you like to know more about Christ? Do you share the famous Muslim mystic Rai'a al-Adawiya's genuine desire to be close to God? If so, "Unshackled and Growing" was written for you. Unshackled and Growing (PDF)
"...clears the decks for true understanding between Muslims and Christians." the late Dr. Ralph Winter 

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Spiritual Warfare
The Unseen Reality, A Panoramic View of Spiritual Warfare, by Nabeel T. Jabbour is now out of print. You may download this book in PDF format for your personal use.